Product Notification Tips

The ultimate goal of a business is to ensure that people know about a product and that they can use it safely.  When products are released onto the market they are given a set of instructions, ingredients, notifications and more.  All of these points of information are located on labels.  When it comes to label printing in Asheville, these companies need to ensure that everything is accurate and people can access the information easily.

Review the content

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Before you print a label, you want to ensure that you review the content.  You want to ensure that there are no typos, the quantity of each listed item is correct and that if any specific instructions are given for a specific group that they match up.

Make it prominent on the package

If you are printing on a package or on the product directly, it is important that you have the label in a place where it can’t be missed.  In most cases this is done on the back of the product.  One place that you don’t want to have important information is the bottom of the packaging.  If you have information on the bottom it will be the last place people will look if at all.

Colors and fonts

Don’t get fancy with your labels.  You want to have standard white labels with black font.  When you have this combination, it is easy to read and locate.  If you have a colored background, different colored fonts or even fonts that are hard to read, then people will pass over your product in favor of something they are more likely to understand.

Meets all guidelines

After you have the information and your outline you want to cross all of your T’s and dot all of your I’s and ensure that you meet all the guidelines for your industry.  If you fail to do that, then your labels will be inaccurate and you could end up causing harm.